June 23, 2024
10 ways to spot a romance scammer. How do romance scammers work? Sometimes called sweetheart scammers, they are everywhere. Knowing how they work is a good way to help prevent yourself, your friends or relatives from falling victim.

Some of them are very convincing and will spend days or weeks grooming their victims.

I show you 10 ways to spot these romance scammers. There are many more signs – do you feel 10 more ways to spot a romance scammer coming on??

You can also watch 10 More Ways To Spot A Romance Scammer here https://youtu.be/WTl-C5wZFUI

00:00 Start
00:50 Red Flag 1
01:31 Red Flag 2
02:03 Ref Flag 3
03:07 Red Flag 4
04:00 Red Flag 5
04:43 Red Flag 6
05:26 Red Flag 7
06:06 Red Flag 8
07:36 Red Flag 9
09:23 Red Flag 10

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If you’ve been the victim of a scam and would like to tell your story anonymously, email help@keepsafeonthenet.co.uk

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