June 24, 2024
We’ve all been taught to keep an eye on our cards and our documents. We’ve all feared for our money and privacy, but Identity theft is actually way more complicated than someone buying a laptop with your credit card or through doxxing.
Imagine losing access to all your bank accounts, racking up an enormous debt and completely ruining your credit score overnight. For simply not being cautious enough, this might be the least of your problems. Identity theft can take years of your life away from you. You have to prove to the government and banks that you are really you – and that you’re not a fraudster.
In today’s video, we’ll dive into the wild and dangerous world of identity theft and teach you how to protect yourselves from a myriad of different scams.

00:00 – Intro
01:32 – Employment or Tax-Related Identity Theft
07:40 – Medical Identity Theft
09:00 – Financial Identity Theft
12:40 – Social Media Impersonation
14:42 – Synthetic Identity Theft
16:19 – Digital Profile Theft
18:40 – Conclusion

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