June 24, 2024
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After the breakdown of her relationship, Lynn Hawes is single for the first time in 17 years. She goes online, where she meets John. He’s the man of her dreams, but then things begin to unravel and Lynn is pulled into an elaborate international scam.

From on-line scam artists, to bigamist husbands, serial conmen, and catfish – when people go looking for love, all too often what they find is a rat.

This documentary is used for educational purposes and not for use of entertainment. By the end of this year the estimated loss due to romance scam will be 7 billion worldwide. It’s a growing epidemic and women of all ages and backgrounds are becoming a victim. Most of these men pretend to be wealthy that always turns out to be a lie and scamming women is their fulltime job.

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Promises of love and romance end up being scams, lies and deceit. They promise life-long romance, yet they scheme, scam and swindle. Some steal a fortune; others lead double lives. They are Love Rats. The victims at the center of these cases reveal how they were left with broken hearts and empty bank accounts.

Real Men Never Ask For Money is the only thing you need to remember in order not to become a victim of a romance scammer like these ladies in Love Rats.

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