June 18, 2024
On October 13, 2022, Chamblee police officers responded to a call at the Landmark Atlanta dealership regarding a suspicious individual attempting to pick up a car with fraudulent identification. The officers quickly arrived at the scene to investigate the situation.
Upon arrival, the officers encountered a male suspect accompanied by a female companion. The suspect claimed that they were there to pick up the vehicle, but the officers grew suspicious of the authenticity of his identification. With their training and experience, they decided to detain the individuals for further investigation.
During a thorough search, the officers discovered a fake ID and a concealed firearm in the possession of the male suspect. It became evident that the suspect had attempted to deceive the dealership and complete the transaction using fraudulent means.
Further inquiries revealed that the suspect had been misled by someone who falsely informed him that the fake ID could be used to purchase a vehicle. However, his ill-intentions were foiled by the vigilant staff at the Landmark Atlanta dealership, who promptly alerted the authorities.
While the female companion’s identification was verified to be genuine, she was still held temporarily to assist with the investigation. After confirming her lack of involvement in the fraudulent activity, she was released by the officers.
The male suspect, on the other hand, faced multiple charges including identity fraud, forgery in the first degree, theft by receiving stolen property, and financial transaction card theft.

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