June 22, 2024
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In this gripping video series, we delve into a typical romance scam story. Our victim is a womane named Karen. She is a romance scam victim who fell prey to the cunning tactics of a Nigerian romance scammer. “Don’t Be a Karen” is an ongoing video series that is a cautionary tale which sheds light on the dangers of online romance scams. It provides valuable insights to help you avoid falling victim to these heart-wrenching deceptions.

Part 1: Unveiling Deception

In the first installment of this series, we bring you Karen’s initial interactions with her scammer. Through a powerful blend of animation and real-life reenactments, we expose the stark contrast between Karen’s reality and the web of lies spun by the scammer. Witness the chilling phone conversations where the scammer’s manipulative tactics become evident.

In the first telephone conversation shown in this video, Karen is speaking with her new Romeo and envisioning what he must look like while he is talking to her. As far as she knows, is he is a hunky doctor volunteering overseas in a poverty stricken village.

However, in the second telephone conversation of our video, we show what her new Romeo most likely REALLY looks like. He looks like what he truly is, a young, twenty-something male living in Nigeria.

Join us as we dissect the tactics used by romance scammers and learn how to protect yourself from falling into their trap. “Don’t Be a Karen” is your guide to staying safe in the world of online romance.

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