July 21, 2024
Welcome to Scam TV and our comprehensive video on timeshare scams. In this video, we focus on a specific variation of timeshare scams that targets seniors who already own a timeshare, whether or not they are looking to sell.

These scams are different from the typical timeshare scams where victims are deceived into buying a timeshare while on vacation. Instead, this variation involves criminals, often overseen by Mexican drug cartels, who prey on existing timeshare owners.

Key Points Covered:
– **Understanding the Scam**: How these scams operate and why seniors are prime targets.
– **Tactics Used by Scammers**: The methods and high-pressure tactics used to deceive victims.
– **The Role of Drug Cartels**: Insight into how organized crime groups are involved in these scams.
– **Protecting Yourself**: Practical tips and advice on how to safeguard against these scams.
– **FBI Warnings**: Recent alerts and warnings issued by the FBI regarding the rise in timeshare scams.

Stay informed and vigilant to protect yourself and your loved ones from these deceptive practices. Watch the full video to learn more about how to recognize and avoid falling victim to timeshare scams.

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Stay safe and scam-aware!
00:00 Introduction
00:19 Scam Targets Seniors Who Own Timeshares
00:39 FBI Warns of Timeshare Scams
01:03 Scammers Conduct Extensive Research
01:29 Use of High-Pressure Sales Tactics
02:00 Devastating Impact
02:11 Mexican Cartels Involved
03:12 Scams Instituted Remotely
04:22 Jalisco New Generation Cartel
05:07 American Resorts Development Association
07:29 If You Suspect A Scam
08:13 Consumer Financial Recovery Options

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