July 19, 2024

Celebrity Impersonation Scam

Greetings. You may have been drawn to this image of me, Marilyn, but remember, not everything online reflects reality. Perhaps you were anticipating a sultry voice, yet here you are, greeted by my voice. Surprise indeed. I am the individual behind the image, commonly referred to as a scammer. Quite unexpected, isn’t it?

The Internet is rife with surprises, and unfortunately, not all are pleasant. Individuals like myself misappropriate the images of celebrities or others to deceive you into believing you’re conversing with someone illustrious. However, the truth is, I am merely an average person utilizing Marilyn Monroe’s likeness to garner your attention. Therefore, when you encounter an alluring photo online and think, “Wow, I’d love to meet this person,” bear in mind that behind that captivating visage could be someone like me, clad in pajamas, consuming cereal, and typing on my computer. Do not be misled by attractive images.

Celebrity Impersonations Scams on the Rise

Celebrity impersonation scams are continuing to emerge as a regular scam. Be wise, remain vigilant, and keep in mind that if something appears too good to be true, it likely is. Exercise caution, and always question what you see online. While Marilyn remains an icon, scammers merely seek to profit from your trust. Now, I sign off as your neighborhood scammer. Take care, everyone. The purpose of this video is to heighten awareness regarding online scams involving counterfeit profiles and photographs. I am delineating the typical stratagems scammers employ to ensnare individuals. My aim is to inform viewers to enable them to recognize scams and prevent victimization. Opting to impersonate Marilyn Monroe was a strategic choice to capture attention and demonstrate the ease of identity theft online.

And yes, scammers do use pictures of deceased individuals, including celebrities.  They are not the smartest bunch, but they will do anything to deceive their victims. Stealing money is something they are adept at!

Please circulate this video to promote the importance of online safety and the avoidance of scams. Collectively, we have the power to outwit scammers.

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