June 18, 2024
The Gift Card Scams 2023 To Watch Out For

🛍️🚨 MUST-WATCH FOR HOLIDAY SHOPPERS! 🚨🛍️ – If you’re buying gift cards this season, your money might be at risk! ScamTV uncovers a cunning scam in California where shoppers are losing hundreds of dollars through tampered gift cards.

🕵️ WHAT’S HAPPENING? 🕵️ – Innocent shoppers purchase gift cards, thinking they’ve secured the perfect gift. But there’s a twist: scammers are manipulating the cards, leaving buyers with worthless plastic and stolen funds.

👮‍♂️ EXPERT INSIGHT 👮‍♂️ – Sgt. Barry Duggan of the Pinole Police Department reveals how these thieves are exploiting the barcode system. Scammers are cutting off the part of the gift card that stores the funds while leaving the activation barcode intact.

🔍 INSIDE THE SCAM 🔍 – This video breaks down the scam’s mechanics and shows you how to spot a tampered card before it’s too late.

🛡️ PROTECT YOUR POCKET 🛡️ – Stamp Out Scams Inc. provides essential tips on how to safeguard your purchases. Don’t let scammers ruin your holiday cheer!

👉 KEY TAKEAWAYS 👉 – Learn the difference between the activation barcode and the spending section of a gift card. Get ahead of scammers with our preventative measures and what to do if you suspect you’ve purchased a tampered card.

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🔗 RESOURCES AND HELP 🔗 – Visit www.stampoutscams.com for more information and assistance on scam prevention. Our expertise is your best defense.

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00:00 Introduction
00:11 Holiday Scam Alert
00:33 Gift Card Scam
00:59 Pinole Police Department
01:14 Scammers Tamper With Gift Card Before They Are Purchased
01:45 Scammers Slicing Off Gift Card Bar Code
02:03 Consumers Finding Scam Card After It’s Too Late
02:26 NBC Bay Area Gift Card Scam News Piece

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