June 18, 2024
Romance Scammer Story: The Prince Odoru Saga

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Unfortunately, romance scams are a frequent feature in the news, often ending in financial loss for the victims and with the scammers evading justice. However, today’s story offers a rare outcome that brings a sense of satisfaction: the apprehension and sentencing of a romance scammer who doubled as a bank thief. This individual’s story is not just unique because of his dual roles but also because of his identity that ironically ties into the infamous Nigerian Prince scam.

Meet Prince Oduro, a former bank employee from Columbus, Ohio, who scammed multiple people out of nearly $2 million. His actions have finally caught up with him, resulting in a sentence of more than eight years in prison. What makes Oduro’s story even more intriguing is the ironic twist of his last name’s origin, linking him to West Africa, reminiscent of the well-known Nigerian Prince scam.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Ohio announced that Oduro, 34, faced justice on March 8th, sentenced for money laundering and wire fraud, and ordered to pay back $1.8 million to his victims. This outcome shines a light on the persistence of law enforcement and the importance of bringing such individuals to justice.

Even after his initial plea related to bank charges, Oduro unabashedly continued his romance scamming, showcasing a disturbing determination and disregard for the law. His storylines, though clichéd, were effective, preying on the emotional vulnerabilities of his victims. From posing as a soldier in need of medical help to a widower with access to precious metals, Oduro’s tactics were sadly successful, leading one victim to send nearly $400,000 under the belief of assisting her dead husband’s stolen artwork.

The capture and sentencing of Oduro serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing threat posed by scammers. At Scam TV, we believe in the power of awareness and education to prevent such scams. By exposing these tactics and clichéd storylines, we hope to alert potential victims to the realities of these scams, encouraging them to recognize and reject these deceitful advances.

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00:00 Introduction
00:45 Romance Scammer & Bank Thief
01:01 Prince Oduro
01:16 Nigerian 419 Scam
01:42 US Attorney’s Announce Prince Oduro Sentenced
02:03 Oduro Previously Admitted To Stealing Money From Bank
02:23 After Pleading Guilty To Bank Thief Charges, Oduro Commits Romance Scams
02:49 Oduro Stole Over $1 Million Dollars From Bank
03:13 Oduro Used Cliche Romance Scam Storylines
04:12 One Romance Scam Victim Sent Over $400K To Oduro
05:58 Pass Along Link To This Video
06:16 Romance Scam Victims Become Emotionally Vested
06:44 Where To Report Romance Scam Crimes
07:38 Stopping Scammers One Video At A Time

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