June 15, 2024
Romance Scammers And Online Scams season is here. Otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Because of this, us here at ScamTV are providing you with an informative and eye-opening video about Top 10 Red Flags to watch out for.

💔🚩 Are you chatting with a potential partner or a cunning scammer? In this eye-opening episode of Scam TV, we’re revealing the ‘Top 10 Red Flags of Romance Scammers’. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s vital to know the difference between a digital Romeo and a romance fraudster.

Our dedication to scam prevention at Stamp Out Scams is as strong as ever, and we’re here to arm you with the crucial knowledge to protect your heart and your bank account. From too-fast love confessions to requests for money, learn the warning signs that every online dater needs to watch out for.

Don’t let scammers play with your emotions. This Valentine’s Day, empower yourself and your loved ones with the insight that could prevent emotional and financial turmoil. Share this video and spread the word—your vigilance could be the key to stopping scammers in their deceitful tracks.

Together, let’s pull the mask off romance scams and promote a world of safer online connections.

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00:00 Introduction
00:49 Top 10 Red Flags You’re Dealing With A Romance Scammer
01:14 Valentines Day Is Romance Scammer Season
02:00 Please Share This Video So Others Can Learn
02:23 Please Donate To Our Cause, Donations Are Tax Deductible
02:51 Top 10 Red Flag Warnings Overview

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