June 15, 2024
Scammer Mind Games. Welcome to ScamTV by Stamp Out Scams Inc. Today’s video unveils a hidden tactic scammers use: Reciprocity! This psychological principle, often rooted in kindness, becomes a weapon in the hands of fraudsters.

Reciprocity is a fundamental principle in human interactions, encapsulating the expectation that one good turn deserves another. Scammers exploit this principle by creating a sense of indebtedness in their targets, which can then be used to manipulate them into parting with their money, personal information, or even unwittingly aiding in the perpetration of a scams.

This is video 3 in our scammer mind games video series. The mind games used by scammers is just as important as the scams themselves. So, please watch this video and gain insights on what psych games scammers are using to steal lots of money from innocent victims.

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Mind Games Used By Scammers
01:31 Scammers Use Mind Games Sucessfully
01:47 Principle of Reciprocity
02:12 Tactic Begins With An Act Of Kidness
03:02 Scammers Are Skilled At Escalating Their Demands
04:13 Social Engineering Scams
05:15 Next Trick Scam Trick Up: Commitment & Consistency
05:57 Fighting Scammers With Knowledge
06:14 Scammers Have No Remorse

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