June 15, 2024
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Unfortunately, senior care scams are alive and well. In 2022, the elderly population in the U.S. was heavily targeted by various types of caregiver scams. Adults over the age of 60 reported 88,262 complaints to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, suffering a total loss of $3.1 billion. This harrowing figure marks an 84% increase in losses compared to those reported in 2021. The average loss per victim was over $35,000, and tragically, more than 5,000 victims lost in excess of $100,000.

California, being at the forefront of this issue, leads the nation in the number of elderly victims of fraud. The collective amount of reported losses incurred in California alone amounted to over $624 million in 2022.

In the face of these alarming statistics, it’s essential to recognize the four main types of caregiver scams that are predominantly affecting our communities:

1.Financial Scams: Most scams, if not all, are driven by the lure of finances and riches. Unscrupulous individuals may deceive or manipulate the elderly to gain access to their funds.

2. Unqualified Caregiver: These scams involve individuals posing as trained caregivers but lacking the necessary qualifications. They may provide substandard care, leading to health and safety risks.

3. Abusive Caregivers: This is an especially frightening thought as these scammers can cause physical or emotional harm to the elderly individuals under their care.

4. Bogus Job and Nanny Scams: Some scammers advertise fake caregiver jobs, luring people into various fraudulent schemes, such as the theft of personal information or money.

Education and awareness are vital in combating these types of scams. Please watch this video to learn more about how to identify, prevent, and report caregiver scams, and help protect the vulnerable members of our society.

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Caregiver Scam Dollar Losses
01:03 Safety First
01:53 Four Main Types Of Caregiver Scams
02:04 Financial Scams
04:22 All Family Members Should Provide Financial Oversight
05:47 Get A Background Check On Caregivers
06:02 Abusive Caregiver
07:01 Check Out References
07:34 Bogus Job And Nanny Scam
07:55 Nigerian Advance Fee Scam
08:35 Look For Clues
08:52 Never Wire Money To Strangers
09:33 Tips For Protecting Your Loved Ones From Scams

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