June 24, 2024
Are you worried that you or your loved one is being exploited or scammed? The Federal Trade Commission reported that in 2012-2014, they saw a 47% increase in reported Fraud Cases for individuals over 60 years. However, many more are unreported. Most of the victims do NOT have dementia, but someone with dementia is 50% more likely to be victimized by a stranger or someone they know. They don’t report because they are embarrassed. Here to reveal how scammers “prey” on the values and ethics of Seniors is Ruth Busalacchi from Synergy Home Care. She’ll tell you what to do if you suspect a scam, warning signs your loved one is being scammed and tips to avoid being exploited. Synergy Home Care expresses a special concern for Seniors and they can become another set of eyes and ears in helping your case. Call today for more information at (414) 763-8368 or visit them online: SynergyHomeCare.com

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