June 15, 2024
Social Security Administration Scam Calls: A recent FTC Alert!

Welcome to another episode on ScamTV! Today, we’re diving into a crucial FTC Alert to help you stay safe. Our focus is a deceptive scam where callers claim to be from the Social Security Administration, alleging your Social Security number is linked to serious crimes. This video will break down the scam mechanics, provide real-life examples, and offer expert tips on how to protect yourself.

First, we explain the typical script of the scammer: posing as an SSA agent, they concoct a story of crimes linked to your Social Security number and then push you to ‘secure’ your assets by purchasing gold, which they will conveniently collect. We will show you why every part of this scheme is designed to provoke panic and rush your decisions.

Through interviews with victims and insights from former fraud investigators, we’ll show the emotional and financial impact of these scams. Our experts will debunk the scammer’s tactics, highlighting the red flags and inconsistencies in their stories.

Additionally, we’ll guide you through the steps to take if you receive such a call, emphasizing the importance of verification and reporting to authorities like the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov. Learn how to secure your personal information and what to do if you suspect you’ve been targeted.

We also feature a segment on how these scams evolve and what new variations to watch out for, ensuring you’re always a step ahead of the fraudsters.

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FTC Scam Alert Link: https://consumer.ftc.gov/consumer-alerts/2024/05/no-one-using-your-social-security-number-commit-crimes-its-scam
00:00 Introduction
00:15 FTC Alerts Video Series
00:30 FTC Alerts Described
00:43 Benefits of Video FTC Alerts
01:05 Caters To Diverse Leaning Preferences
01:16 FTC Alert: No One IS Using Your Social Security Number To Commit Crimes: It’s A Scam!
01:28 FTC Alert Begins

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