June 23, 2024
💔💰 Beware of Online Love Scams! 💔💰 Don’t let your search for love turn into a nightmare. Online dating is booming, but so are romance scammers. 😱 These con artists create fake profiles, manipulate emotions, and drain victims’ wallets. In 2023, romance scams raked in a staggering $1.1 billion, with victims losing an average of $2,000 each. 😢 Stay vigilant and watch out for red flags like rapid emotional attachment, avoiding in-person meetings, money requests, and refusal to video chat. 🚩 Protect yourself by verifying identities, keeping sensitive info private, and seeking advice from trusted friends and family. Check out our blog post @stampoutscams.org to learn how to safeguard your heart and wallet. ❤️💸

Visit www.stampoutscams.org to real the full blog post on this topic entitled: Swipe Left on Scams: Ensuring Your Next ‘New Love’ Isn’t Your Next ‘New Con!

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